Cleanaway Expo Stand

Client: Cleanaway Cleanaway Expo Stand This was an great project but also quite challenging. There were a number of panels to work with but many are small and visibility might be low. The objective is to portray the total waste management proposition, so we’ll want to showcase a range of services. At the end of […]

THACO Season’s Greetings Cards

Client: THACO Season’s Greetings Cards A series of greeting cards created for THACO, biggest automobile group in Vietnam, focusing on showcasing range of businesses and industries that the company is investing in.

VGAC Re-branding

Client: Lorem ipsum VGAC – Rebranding Current logo has been a well-recognized part of VGAC’s identity since first days. Featuring a type-based design, over the years, the logo has helped VGAC to successfully provide a consistent image for the organization. However, with VGAC approaching the 25th year mark, a design refreshing exercise has been proposed […]

Doll Photobook

Client: Personal Doll Photobook A small collection of photos showing how dolls are brought into the everyday world through the lens of doll owners. The dolls themselves don’t just come into life; they come to life too! All of the dolls in this photobook are based on the concept of the one-third vinyl fashion dolls, […]

Creative Ad Concepts

Client: University project Creative Ad Concepts A series of creative concepts planned for multiple campaigns, using different methods of advertising. The exercise focused on the choice of advertising medium and techniques in order to stand out and reach target audience. If you are looking to create some very original story for your brand, hit me […]

A Design Manifesto

Client: University project A Design Manifesto Like trees, process grows; ideas are like nesting birds – they fly high and sometimes flee. Let them leave as they will return, sometimes with other birds. Noone can know how many ideas would come before the first one is sketched out; keeping ideas only in the mind never […]

PRISM Magazine

Client: University project PRISM Magazine A complete set of logo, masthead and general layout for an upcoming magazine specifically targeting design and architecture audience. If you are looking to create your very first editoral piece, hit me up and we can explore some options.