Client: University project

A Design Manifesto

Like trees, process grows; ideas are like nesting birds – they fly high and sometimes flee. Let them leave as they will return, sometimes with other birds. Noone can know how many ideas would come before the first one is sketched out; keeping ideas only in the mind never works. Let them out and surely others will come. Process should be enriched by this action of ‘letting go and getting more’ over and over again. Even after a few attempts, first ideas might stand out, yet it is worth exploring many ideas that allows to see the virtue of earlier ones.

To a certain degree, observing the incomplete process – of trees growing with birds soaring – is more interesting than looking at a beautiful still life with paint that dried long ago. Good design allows users to reach their own conclusions and process keeps the potential of design alive. It is the designer’s role to facilitate this.

Of course if you are hitting me up for a project, you certainly want to see the end product, not the process. However, I hope that my reflection on design process will give you some interesting insight that can help you to give more constructive feedback on any design project.