Mates Rates

Client: Cleanaway Mates Rates Mates Rates is one of Cleanaway’s internal customer referral program which aimed to not only encourage employee’s involvement but celebrate businesses’ wins.

The Greenway

Client: University project The Greenway A grass roots project that has stemmed from replanting native vegetation every weekend in the inner west has become the Greenway project, something much bigger than the community would everhave thought. The task for me is to embody the transport experience in an adventurous manner creating a place where people […]

E-Banking Initiatives​

Client: Westpac E-Banking Initiatives A project undertaking the case study of electronic banking and its fundamental role in society to enhance bank-user experience. If you are after communication project that create awareness of the society through different media and strategies including guerilla posters, communication banners, public presentations and social networks, let me know and we […]