Client: Auscham Vietnam (unused)

Auscham Re-branding

The new AusCham Vietnam logo portrays the connection between Australia and Vietnam through the image of the Vietnam symbolic accessory “nón lá” stylized as the Australia map.

Four divided slices of the “nón lá” represent the four AusCham values of leadership, support, integrity and collaboration. When combining together, they become the symbol of a personal accessory “nón lá”, which emphasises AusCham’s focus on members’ interests. Being purposely positioned and angled, the “nón lá” shape resembles Australia mainland. The two seven-pointed star and five-pointed star are to visualize not only the separated Tasmania but also the relationship between Australia and Vietnam. In terms of typography, while utilizing a san-serif typeface to create a modern and clean look, “AusCham Vietnam” is presented in a variety of cases (lowercase, uppercase, title-case) to suggest AusCham’s dynamism level. Green and yellow, as national colors of Australia, and the most recognizable visual of the old logo, have been inherited to ensure the relevance of AusCham to members and partners.