Entry for new logo competition for AusCham.


The new AusCham Vietnam logo portrays the connection between two countries through Vietnamese conical hat “nón lá” being stylized as the Australia map.

Four evenly divided slices of the icon represent AusCham’s values of leadership, support, integrity and collaboration. Combined together, they become the shape of “nón lá”, a symbolic and personal accessory, emphasising AusCham’s focus on members’ interests. Being angled with purposes, the “nón lá” further resembles Australia mainland shape. The 7-pointed and 5-pointed stars, borrowed from two national flags, visualise not only separated Tasmania but also close relationship between Australia and Vietnam.

Typography wise, a san-serif typeface is utlised to signify simplicity. The text, however, is presented in a variety of cases suggesting AusCham’s dynamism level. Furthermore, letter “A”, stylized as the north arrow, symbolises contionous growth of the organisation.

Green and yellow, national colors of Australia, and one of the most recognizable visuals of the old logo, have been inherited to ensure AusCham’s familiarity to current members and partners.

With the key visual of “nón lá” being treated with different graphical approaches, the new logo will give AusCham a unique, yet relavant, professional yet approachable, and modern, yet sophisticated appearance.