Association of Disability Sports

The Association of Disability Sports (ADS) is not just a company but a community. ADS is a collaborative group which brings together 18 different sports organizations which deal with the rehabilitation and recreation of various disabilities in NSW, Australia.

In addition, ADS aims to portray an image of a united association that benefits not only member organizations but also every single individuality with a wider choice of sports. Therefore creating a consistent brand identity for ADS is vital as it helps others to join ADS and to identify ADS as a united community.

ADS is a diverse, ever changing community whom encourages disabled peoples, their families and friends to join in different sports regardless of ages, genders and levels with a clear message of You don’t need to be exceptional to participate.

Although being established for over 10 years, ADS has been running without a clear united identity. With limited funding and the difficulties in communication between its member, ADS requested the assist in creating the project brief that can be proposed and discussed internally before carrying on with the project.

The project was delivered after 8 weeks working with a set of identity including: logo and application of logo, brand style guide, stationary set, digital presentation template, brochure template, series of posters and a monthly newsletter template.