A Designer’s Manifesto

The project’s requirement was to write a short manifesto (about 500 words) of how practice design is seen and understood. This manifesto should be an aspirational statement, a reflection of how the designer wants to practice design, and how the designer sees the idea of visual communication design practice. The manifesto then become the basis for an A2 poster design which has to be conceptually relevant to the point of view expressed in the manifesto.

Process grows as trees while ideas are like nesting birds – they fly high and sometimes flee. Let them leave as they will return, sometimes with other birds. Noone knows how many ideas would come before the first one is sketched out; keeping ideas only in the mind never works. Let them out and surely others will follow. Process should be enriched by this action of ‘letting go and getting more’ over and over again. Even after attempts, first ideas might stand out, yet it is worth exploring many ideas that allows to see the virtue of earlier ones.

At certain degrees, observing an incompleted process – of trees growing with birds soaring – is even more interesting than looking at beautiful still life with paints that dried long ago. Good design living on allows viewers to reach their own conclusions while process is the key maintaing design’s potential of continuous developement.

It is the designer’s role to facilitate this important relationship.